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Secluded Land Company and its organizations of common ownership have been involved with the development and preservation of scenic rural properties and waterfront real estate in the Midwest since 1976.

Secluded Land Company's primary purpose is the marketing of natural waterfront properties and secluded wooded acreage located primarily in unspoiled areas of the Midwest. We strive to preserve and protect the environment while affording families the opportunity to experience country living.

Currently, our company is the Midwest's leading provider of country properties for recreational and vacation purposes. We have responsibly developed and sold over 65,000 acres of wooded and waterfront properties. These properties were sold to more than 6,000 customers throughout the United States and internationally.

Environmental awareness is the cornerstone of Secluded Land Company's developmental philosophy. In cooperation with local government agencies, our company has adopted protective covenants to preserve nature's fragile ecosystems. Through these protective covenants and other means, our company has protected over 40,000 acres of land.