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The decision to sell your land can be overwhelming and development is complex, costly and time-consuming. If you are interested in selling your land, let Secluded Land Company's experienced Land Acquisition Specialists do all of the hard work for you!

Secluded Land Company and its organizations of common ownership have been involved with the development and preservation of scenic rural properties since 1976. Since then, our company has responsibly developed and sold over 65,000 acres and protected over 40,000 acres of wooded and waterfront properties across Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota. We are committed to caring for natural resources and the environment. When acquiring parcels of land, we take on the responsibility of caretaker and we are sensitive to environmental issues and wildlife concerns. This environmental awareness is the cornerstone of Secluded Land Company's developmental philosophy.

When working with a customer, we provide informative handbooks, handouts and advice on different land care topics. With our knowledge and insight, we are able to safely pass ownership and stewardship on to new landowners so they can enjoy and preserve their land for generations.