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Environmental awareness is the cornerstone of Secluded Land Company's developmental philosophy.

Extensive testing and surveying is completed on potential properties before Secluded Land Company will choose a property to be developed. It is our goal to responsibly develop the parcels of land we acquire by working with local, state and federal agencies to meet and exceed all requirements.

Secluded Land Company is committed to caring for the land as well as providing our customers with insight and information on how to be a good steward. But what exactly does stewardship of property mean? Stewardship is the responsibility of taking proper care of the land or environment that one has attained. Being a steward of land involves things such as recycling, restoring and conserving, as well as connecting with the land, or getting to know the surrounding environment.

In cooperation with local authorities, our company has adopted Protective Covenants. The covenants regulate commercial logging, reasonably regulate hunting, trapping and the use of gas powered recreational vehicles, which helps preserve nature's fragile ecosystems. These covenants were established to further protect the charisma and beauty of the property we sell.

An example of a Protective Covenant is:

"The grantees shall not permit unregistered or abandoned vehicles, trash, or junk to remain on the property."

Most Secluded Land Company development communities form Property Owner's Associations. These associations are comprised of members who keep watch over common elements to help ensure the protection and preservation of nature in the area. Common areas may include: lakes, wooded acreage and other green space in these developments. These groups are active in adhering to the Protective Covenants that have been established in their area and promoting responsible stewardship of the properties in their development.

Secluded Land Company specialists carefully examine the property to ensure that the amount of storm water run off is the same after development as it was before. The natural beauty of waterfront property or wetlands is very special and its preservation is important. We provide information to land buyers about how they can help with land stewardship. With the use of storm ponds, detention and retention ponds and rain gardens, storm water run off is controlled.

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