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At Secluded Land Company, we recognize and understand your desire for preserving the natural beauty of your land. We want to work with you to develop your land to make it the most accessible and enjoyable it can be for future owners.

We have an unmatched ability to balance the public's desire for recreational land with the need for housing. This is accomplished by finding excellent pieces of land and doing extensive testing and planning before development and sale to the public. Some of our development sites include "common areas" which are undeveloped areas where we provide features such as walking trails, picnic areas, and canoe or fishing access for the whole development to enjoy.

Before taking on a new development project, our acquisition team and production crew do a walk through of the potential property. Aside from looking for attractive land features-such as bluffs, lakes and streams-the production crew does a great deal of work inspecting such things as: current zoning, road standards, road access, general soils, utility locations, types of trees, and more. This is to ensure that each site is buildable and marketable to potential buyers.

Secluded Land Company land specialists:

An archaeologist is brought in to survey the selected land when appropriate. He/she inspects the land and looks for ancient artifacts, such as Native American burial grounds. Secluded Land Company's commitment to the environment and the preservation of its history is a primary concern. Because of this concern, any areas with historical importance are labeled "no build zones."

After the land is properly inspected and we obtain an offer to purchase, representatives of Secluded Land Company begin meeting with the local Township and County offices. A meeting is scheduled to introduce ourselves and answer any questions they may have about our company and our proposed project. Topics discussed include time line, zoning, land use ordinances, and development of the property. Once these meetings are conducted, we begin contracting for the soil testing, surveying, and engineering work that will be required.

Preliminary soil tests are performed on each project to ensure suitability for a state-approved sanitary system. The surveyor will do a boundary survey; locate the shoreline, wetlands, roads, trails, power lines and any existing buildings. The surveyor works with our specialists on the lot layout, road location and provides all the maps for the preliminary and final plat submittals. The engineer will map the topography of the land, locate and delineate wetlands, engineer and design roads, create storm water and erosion plans, and work with our specialists on all permit applications required in the development process. A title search, which is an examination of all public records involving the real estate in question, would be generated to ensure a smooth transition of property ownership.

For further information regarding Secluded Land Company's process for the acquisition of land or to speak to a Land Acquisition Specialist about the possibilities of selling your land for development, please feel free to contact our Acquisitions Office:

Secluded Land Company Acquisitions Office

Phone: (800) 782-1126 or (608) 648-2301
Fax: (608) 648-3400
Email: secluded@mwt.net